Turn any picture into hilarious videos that you can save, email or post on Facebook.


Pick an existing photo or take a new one to use (good photos are front facing and have a closed mouth). Then drag the controls to the correct part of the picture (eyes, mouth and chin). Tap the microphone button to start recording and say something. Tap the stop button when done.

You can now play back your chatterbox. Make funny voices by changing the pitch. You can also share a movie of your chatterbox on Facebook. Your chatterbox is automatically saved so that you can relive the magic whenever you want.

Download Chatterbox on the Apple App Store



A Talking Dog!?

Make funny videos of Fido talking. Or singing--singing works too. Adjust the pitch from really low to really high.


Adjust Controls

Drag the eyes, mouth and chin to the right part of the picture. Tap the microphone button to start recording.


Share on Facebook

You can save your video to the Photos app or share it on Facebook (or email, or message it).


Talking yet?

Grandparents and others wondering when baby will start speaking? Move up the schedule with Chatterbox.


Works on cats too

Actually Chatterbox can work on any picture--dogs, cats, ferrets, babies, cars, bridges, plants, etc. You get the idea.


Never loose a Chatterbox

Your Chatterboxes are saved so you can go back to them at anytime to relive the magic or to make changes.

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